Our Water

The facts behind our pure water purification systems

Purity Guarantee

[dropcap1]W[/dropcap1]ater is a life essential. It fuels the mind and the body, allowing us to live out our lives normally or push ourselves beyond our physical limits. In order for water to provide optimal hydration it needs to be as pure as possible. Whether it’s for the home or office, Fresh Pure Water is committed to providing the freshest and purest water on the market.

Our Purification System

If you’re concerned about the quality of the water you’re drinking, Fresh Pure Water is here to help. With many of the “healthy” and “pure” spring waters out there varying in quality and taste, it’s hard to be sure what’s truly good for you. Fresh Pure Water’s premium purified drinking water is guaranteed to be the same great tasting, quality water with every bottle delivered your door.

Our water is produced by using an exclusive seven staged purification system designed to remove all contaminants. These contaminants include:

[one_third first]
• Chlorine
• Fluoride
• Heavy metals

• Pesticides
• Herbicides
• Scale

[one_third last]
• Bacteria
• Algae

Our water is guaranteed to be free of all contaminants, ensuring that every glass you drink is clear and great tasting. Click here to read more about our Seven Stage Purification Process.

Our Bottling System

We ensure consistent purity with our products by minimising human contact during both purification and bottling. The entire process is automated and designed to prevent any chemicals coming into contact with the water; this includes careful sterilisation of the bottle using both purified and ozonated water, not a single harmful detergent in sight.

Every drop of freshly purified water is bottled daily, ensuring that you receive the purest water available.

Fresh Pure Water is South East Queensland’s number one source for clean, great tasting water. Contact us today for more information about our purification and bottling processes.

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